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Latest information

10.09.2008 Photo Gallery

Here you can find a gallery of photos from the conference events.

Photo gallery

10.09.2008 List of participants

Final list of conference participants is available here.

10.09.2008 An offer from John Wiley & Sons, Ltd publisher

You can find below an interesting offer of John Wiley & Sons, Ltd publisher, which was not received on time to be presented to you during conference. You can print an order form, fill it up and send to John Wiley & Sons.

John Wiley & Sons John Wiley & Sons

26.08.2008 Entry plaque

The plaque with LOGO and name of conference for the first entrance to Poznan International Fair area is available here. More information about entrance to the cenference is available on page public transport in Poznań.

20.08.2008 Access to all conference papers

From now on, as a registered participant, you have access to our conference electronic program with full manuscripts. You can access the papers that will be presented at the conference and you can download and print out full papers, so you can prepare your participation in advance.

More information is available here.

18.08.2008 Public transport in Poznań

Here you can find information useful for conference participants about public transport in Poznań, how to get to the center of Poznań (hotels) or conference venue (Congress Center).

07.08.2008 Instructions for paper presentation

Instructions for paper presentation has been prepared.

07.08.2008 Final list of tutorials

The final list of tutorials has been published.

03.08.2008 Preliminary conference schedule

The preliminary version of detailed conference schedule is now available. You can access it here.

24.07.2008 Extra tutorial: Predictive Control in Power Electronics and Drives ‿very cheap

We would like to inform you that an extra tutorial is organized on Sunday, August 31, at 10:00 am: Predictive Control in Power Electronics and Drives, proposed by prof. R. Kennel, J.Rodrigues, P. Cortes and M. P. Kazmierkowski.

Because of its late announcement the tutorial fee is significantly lower - 150,- PLN ( about 45 EURO).

Participants are expected to pay tutorial fee on-site, by cash. The decision whether the tutorial will go on depends on the number of declared participants. If you like to take part in the tutorial, please send a short e-mail to the Tutorial Chair or Conference Secretariat.

We are waiting for declaration till August 10, 2008.

16.06.2008 Conference schedule announced

The schedule of conference events is available.

You can also visit next conference web-site here: EPE 2009 Barcelona.

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